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With the arrival of our Agni 95 series permanent magnet motor we began testing to see its performance at low currents. Nominally it should be able to handle 400 Amps and deliver 12 to 16 kW.

With a max efficiency of 90% at around 200 A the at least 80% of the range of operation will lie between 0 and 300 A.

Because such high voltages and currents are required to run the motor it can be quite difficult to test without a complete electric system that can sustain the required power. Furthermore, the battery system is not built yet so testing has so far only been completed on the small scale.

However, there is good news- it works. Three “no-load” tests have been performed to test the basic functionality of the motor controller in unison with the Agni motor.
Test 1 – 62 VDC, 2-3 A

Test 2 – 62 VDC, 2-3 A running at equivalent speed of 5.5 MPH

Test 3 – 4 12 VDC LiPo batteries in series. 48 V, 25 A

All three test showed that the motor and motor controller produced linear and smooth operation across its current range. The next steps will be to construct the battery system and run the motor at its full potential.


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